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  • Jason Hesley

Psych Doom act Cavern Deep release new "Sea of Rust" video!

"Sea of Rust" is the most gloomy and one of the slowest songs of our new album "Part II - Breach" which is available on Bonebag Records now. The song is the 5th on our concept album and synopsis is as follows:

The Sea. Dead.


This is ground zero.

It knows all.

It was here above the greatest of cities they broke through.

Drawn by the greed of kings and queens and their ever-growing thirst for the primal energy beyond their realm.

It was they who forced the few remaining to take refuge in a distant cold world, destined to wither away in

subterranean darkness. Everything is lost. Sunken. All but rust. The engineer gives up a sigh as she from afar

witness the being floating above the red watery mass towards the pulsating rift at the horizon.

It is starting to shed."

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