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  • Jason Hesley

Psionic Madness release the album "Mortality Salience"

Featuring members from Maggot Crown and I, Voidhanger Records' Acausal Intrusion.

"The debut album of Psionic Madness "Mortality Salience" is the realization of inevitable death that everyone faces, no one can escape.

Mortality Salience is the main lyrical theme driving the record, the side effects of this realization deal with the paranormal and insanity. 11 tracks of black / death / grind featuring members from Filtheater [Jared on Drums], Nothing is Real [Nick on Guitars] and Vølus [himself on Vocals].

Psionic Madness name was taken from Vølus's song "Under Psionic Madness" that was released on "Festering Anti-Cosmic Wound" in 2020. This record will be exclusively sold on CD via Vargheist Records and releases Friday November 12th."

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