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  • Jason Hesley

Progressive Trad-Metal Trio SLEEPLESS Releasing Host Desecration in April onMetal Warrior Records!

Progressive/Traditional Metal trio SLEEPLESS - featuring former members of Dead Conspiracy - have signed with the Netherlands' Metal Warrior Records and will release full-length debut album Host Desecration on CD format April 15. A limited edition (500 copies) vinyl LP version will be released on June 21.

A lyric video for the album's first single, "The King Who's Not There," is available now at:

After the enthusiastic response to the Blood Libel EP, the Netherlands' Metal Warrior Records approached the band about fleshing out the EP into a nine-song full length! "We never stop writing, so we kept pounding until

the work was complete, and Host Desecration starts right where we left off," says guitarist/founder Eric Sexton-Dorsett. "Exploring the darkest reaches of the rational mind with a no-rules, metal passion that cannot be stopped!"

FFO: Watch Tower, Nevermore, Anacrusis, Iced Earth, Witherfall, Sanctuary, Fates Warning and Hades.


Compact Disc (April 15):

Vinyl LP (June 21):

Track List:

1. The King Who’s Not There

2. Bite The Hands That Bleed

3. There’s Something In The Fog

4. Host Desecration

5. Diviner Of Truth

6. Blood Libel (A Vampire Tale)

7. Deluded Hordes

8. Mushroom Clouds At Night

9. The Man Who Could Not Sleep

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