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  • Jason Hesley

Progressive Tech Death band CARNOSUS to release sophomore album VISIONS OF INFINIHILITY Feb 10th!

Visions of Infinihility,’ the second full length album from CARNOSUS, is a concept album set within the same dystopian universe as their previous full length. Lyrically, the album is centered around a tyrannical reign with the purpose of repopulating the world with a cadaverine-like race. Musically, the new album mixes in a more matured sound into the band’s stylistic blend but listeners can still expect bulging chugs and blast beats. The vocals are built upon a solid foundation of growls and shrieks but also contain great variety as they draw from a large bouquet of metal genres.

The guitars, bass, and vocals were brought to life under the supervision of producer Robert Kukla, who captured the band’s musical variety. Kukla also handled the mix/mastering and drum-recording at Obsidian Recording Studios/Studio Fredman in Gothenburg, Sweden. The cover art that compliments the music was painted by Timon Kokott. THE BAND

CARNOSUS, from Orebro, Sweden, was formed in 2011 with the intention of creating heavy music. The members of CARNOSUS bring in different influences to the band’s death metal sound, including technical melodic death metal, thrash, progressive metal and a hint of black metal.

Since the release of their 2015 EP ‘The Universal Culmination,” and their 2020 debut “Dogma Of The Deceased,” their sound has grown to highlight more of their influences. The upcoming second full length album, “Visions of Infinihility,” will continue to integrate these influences further while providing brutal groove and fast riffs.

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