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  • Jason Hesley

Progressive Metal Phenomenon DUSK Signs with Wormholedeath for Upcoming Album "Spectrums"

Saudi Arabian musician and songwriter, DUSK, has officially signed with Wormholedeath for the distribution and promotion of his upcoming album, "Spectrums". Set for release on June 30th, 2023, this highly anticipated debut full-length album promises to be a thrilling addition to the progressive djenty core metal realm, and a gateway for new audiences and fans.

DUSK's musical journey began as a DJ from a young age, performing in events and contests from 2014-2018. He then transitioned to producing original music, exploring various different genres such as EDM, Hip-hop, Pop, Jazz, Soul, and Rock. In late 2019, DUSK released his debut metal EP "Ascension," which was followed by single releases and a second EP "To Where I Belong" in 2021.

With "Spectrums," DUSK takes listeners on an emotional journey, discussing real topics and relatable stories that will connect with fans of all genres. The album features both local and international vocalists, allowing for a range of perspectives and creative input.

DUSK states, "With the name 'Spectrums' came the main idea for the record, which is giving the music and letting everyone DUSK wanted to work with, put their creative input and point of view, discussing real topics and relatable stories so that the average listener feels the connection and experiences a full emotional journey throughout the whole album."

The album is set to feature influences from Currents, Born of Osiris, Novelists, and Deftones, and anything under the progressive djenty core metal realm. Fans can expect to be taken on a rollercoaster ride of emotions, exploring topics such as betrayal, disposition, love, hate, and hope.

DUSK's signing with Wormholedeath is a significant step forward in his musical journey. He says, "I am positive that with my vision and Wormholedeath's vision, this will be the best way to achieve the maximum efficiency for this album and my future path."

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