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Progressive Metal guitarist, Kevin Parallax to release "Perplexing Emotions" in August!

Kevin Parallax is a progressive metal guitarist based in Los Angeles, California. Originally hailing from Mumbai, India, Kevin spent the early years of his life learning and mastering the instrument. Parallax’s work is inspired by the likes of John Petrucci, Tosin Abasi, Jason Richardson, and Steve Vai.

Raised in a conservative family, he was required to focus on his education as his parents wanted him to pursue a career in science. However, on his 14th birthday, his Uncle gifted him a guitar, and the young artist soon developed an affinity for it, learning through YouTube and playing Christian songs at school.

In order to further hone his craft, Kevin took classes from the likes of William Daniel, Arun Kerkar, Ravi Iyer, and Chandresh Kudwa. After graduating from high school, Kevin applied to Musician’s Institute, Los Angeles, California, to pursue a degree in Associates of Arts in Guitar Performance. After being accepted and awarded two scholarships, it took some convincing for his parents to let him pursue a career in music.

Before graduating from the Musician’s Institute, Kevin released his debut single, “Fantasy Integration,” in collaboration with Ashwin Shriyan, who was previously a part of veteran Indian band Demonic Resurrection. The song is characterized by Kevin’s dexterous fretwork and Shriyan’s melodic bass solo. The song garnered good reviews and set the stage for more music.

Now freshly graduated from the Musician's Institute, Kevin Parallax is back again with another single entitled "Perplexing Emotions." The song is a much heavier outing, with Ashwin returning to the fray as well as Indian metal veteran Rahul Harihan (Bhayanak Maut) on drums. The song keeps the progressive metal tones, but takes it in a much more dynamic direction, taking inspiration from djent artists while incorporating a lot of synth work.

"Perplexing Emotions" 1st August 2021 digitally on all major streaming platforms.

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