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  • Jason Hesley

Progressive death metal project EIGENSTATE ZERO to release new album 'THE MALTHUSIAN'

Swedish progressive one man death metal project EIGENSTATE ZERO is set to release a third full-length album, ‘THE MALTHUSIAN.’ The album is a tour de force of music extremity, not only in terms of sheer intensity and heaviness but also in the album’s structure and concept. A myriad of influences and styles seamlessly incorporate into the death metal base, creating an album that stretches itself not only outside the boundaries of extreme metal but also the general concept of what it truly means to be both progressive and eclectic.

EIGENSTATE ZERO, born in 2018, is the brainchild of Swedish musician Christian Ludvigsson. Christian’s desire to merge everything from FRANK ZAPPA and DARK TRANQUILLITY to DEATH and jazz culminated in the project’s creation. His approach to the project’s songwriting is the idea of pouring unlimited eclecticism into the construction, anything that excites his senses going into the music.

‘THE MALTHUSIAN,’ is a death metal album at heart, each song built with strong rhythms, brutal riffs, and vicious vocals. Progressive tendencies expand the songs by the second, fleeting moments of time constantly bringing with it changes, ever expanding towards a new horizon across dimensional bridges to new musical worlds.

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