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  • Jason Hesley

Pridian to release Cybergnosis EP!

Estonian modern metal band PRIDIAN is thrilled to announce the release of their debut EP "Cybergnosis" and the premiere of their final single, "Hive Mind," accompanied by an impressive official music video. The band's latest release showcases their unique blend of electronic and heavy metal sounds, creating an intense and unforgettable listening experience. With "Hive Mind," PRIDIAN delivers hard-hitting riffs, soaring vocals, and a pulsing electronic beat that will have fans headbanging from start to finish. The music video features stunning visuals and dynamic shots, perfectly capturing the energy and intensity of the band's performance. PRIDIAN is rapidly making a name for themselves in the modern metal scene, and "Cybergnosis" is a testament to their talent and creativity. Be sure to check out "Hive Mind" and the rest of the EP, available now!

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