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  • Jason Hesley

Dusk Presents Karma Will Find You Ft. Moe Steiger!

"Karma Will Find You" embodies DUSK's mission to inspire positive change through its music. The lyrics express frustration with those who spread negativity and project their fears onto others, urging individuals to open their eyes to love and reject hate. The track's thought-provoking nature encourages listeners to envision a better world characterized by compassion and understanding.

DUSK, led by the talented Musician/Songwriter Meshari Sangora, is known for its mastery of Modern Metal sounds. "Spectrums," the debut full-length album, showcases Sangora's exceptional musical vision and features collaborations with both local and international artists. With influences ranging from Currents and Born of Osiris to Novelists and Deftones, DUSK seamlessly blends elements from the progressive djenty core metal realm into a captivating sonic experience.

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