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  • Jason Hesley

Premiere: Moonraker and Neckscars split release with new videos!

Moonraker and Neckscars eagerly announce their upcoming split album, launching on 20th October. This exciting collaboration will be presented through Bypolar Records, Sell the Heart Records, and Engineer Records.

Both bands have decided to give fans an early glimpse into their latest work by premiering songs from the album, accompanied by fresh music videos, exclusively on New Noise Magazine:

Moonraker’s "Fireman" video is accessible here:

Speaking on their inspiration behind the joint venture, Neckscars commented, “Watching Moonraker play Fest last year, amidst a roaring crowd and the giddy high of an edible, made it clear – a joint project was long overdue. These guys are no strangers to us, from crashing on our couches in Beacon to the many wild nights shared in the punk realm. What started as a drunken idea soon took shape with the support of Damon, Andy, and David from our respective record labels, leading to this special milestone in punk rock history.”

Moonraker's reflection on "Fireman" resonated with the overwhelming pressures of life. They mentioned, “It speaks of a domino effect, hoping that if just one thing goes right, the rest would follow. But sometimes, life has other plans, and that domino catches fire. There's a thin line between feeling consumed by fire and realizing that maybe, you are the fire. And of course, a nod to our favorites - Jawbreaker, Alkaline Trio, and even Jimmy Buffet. Huge shoutout to Anthony Elliott for capturing our vision in the video.”

On "Level II: Insufferable", Neckscars revealed, “This track stemmed from an idea by Justin, and we crafted it together while Will was on the mend from a broken leg. The song paints a picture of an old roommate's unhealthy obsession with someone. Through the video, we hope to shed light on the gravity of such situations. Everyone deserves a life without the weight of fear.”

Fans can anticipate the sounds that shaped Moonraker’s recent album 'The Forest', and Neckscars’ 'Don’t Panic', as influences in this new project.

You can pre-order the upcoming split at Bypolar Records and Engineer Records (in Europe).

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