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  • Jason Hesley

Premiere: Mario Infantes release the new single, “Inexplicably Long Winter”

Mario Infantes of Cult of Lilith presents a dungeon synth inspired track, titled "Inexplicably Long Winter."

On Antidote to a Turbulent Mind, Mario Infantes, lead singer of Metal Blade signed band Cult of Lilith, has painstakingly crafted a record of synth soundscapes that brings the listener on a voyage deep into the mind of the artist. The album follows a man after he consumes a psychedelic tincture and descends into his own fears, desires and obsessions. The songs range from 8-bit chiptune to Kitaro influenced ambient pieces while also maintaining the tension of a horror movie soundtrack. Infantes weaves these together into a cohesive whole that allows the listener to apply their own interpretation to the journey. Infantes, the Spanish born singer, is a visual and music artist based in Iceland. His "show stopping vocal power" has drawn the attention of metal fans and publications across the world. Recently he has begun experimenting with synths, drum machines and virtual instruments, the result is his first instrumental album. This is his first album for Lost Future Records.

Antidote to a Turbulent Mind will be available on LP and digital on July 7th, 2023 via Lost Future Records. Preorders are available HERE.

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