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  • Jason Hesley

Ponte Del Diavolo Streaming Fire Blades from the Tomb!

Ponte Del Diavolo bridge the gap between two nefarious corners of the underworld. On their debut album, these death dealers weld doom and black metal into a towering new wave of art that's as cruel and mesmerizing as Italy's infamous Devil's Bridge. 

Fire Blades from the Tomb comes out Friday, February 15. But you can listen to the entire album today on our YouTube channel. 

Ponte Del Diavolo are blessed with a taste for the dark arts. The hammering drum fills and sludgy riffs could send the blackest of hearts to the grave, but "Covenant" adds gloomy clarinet and an ominous foghorn of theremin to their dance with the devil.

Having two bassists blesses Ponte Del Diavolo with an earthshaking foundation. But Fire Blades from the Tomb plums the romantic decadence that throbs underground their home city of Turin. The video for "Demone" starts off as a sexy crime drama, only to slowly unravel into occult bloodlust. 

"Everything is nothing", chants Erba Del Diavolo, luring you behind "Nocturnal Veil". Her croon is so seductive that you might mistake her for Siousxie Soux. That is, until she bears her fangs with a bloodcurdling shriek.  

"Fire Blades From The Tomb is finally out!" says Ponte Del Diavolo. "We are happy to announce our first work for Season of Mist and it is an immense honor for us.

"In a relatively short time, we tried to unify two opposite musical worlds -  the most violent black metal and the solemnity of the deepest doom -  via a huge stream of consciousness. 

"The fruit of this union has led to a result we did not expect, but we are sure will touch the chords of many of you who will listen to it."

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