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  • Jason Hesley

Polish deathcore MORTEMORIUM released debut album on CD!

Mortemorium is a deathcore band from Głogów and Rawicz (Poland) formed in 2020. "It's hard to clasify our music in one specific genre. We try to blend different styles, but keeping it dark and heavy. Every member of our band started doing music years ago in many different genres, so we blend our experience into unique style of Mortemorium."


Last year they released their debut album "Aanima Vilis" in digital form. Now it's time to listen to it the way its meant to be listened: on a CD.


The album "Aanima Vilis" by Mortemorium delves into the dark side of humanity and the struggles that we face. With songs that touch upon topics like nuclear disasters, suicide, and bullying, the album showcases the band's willingness to confront difficult issues head-on. Through their music, band send a message about the importance of facing our demons and finding a way to rise above them.


Music was recorded, mixed and mastered by Jarek Wysocki at Soundscope Studio (71TonMan, Lost Soul, Icon of Evil). Intro was done by Droom. Cover artwork by Kucol.


Album "Aanima Vilis" was released digitally May 29th, 2023 and physically February 29, 2024 by Polish label Via Nocturna (buy CD).

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