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  • Jason Hesley

Polish band TRYLION (djent/prog metal) releaseda video to the new song "Human Shell"

The band TRYLION was founded in 2013 in Poznań. Since then, the band has released two records: an EP and an album titled "Education for Freedom" - both got great worldwide reviews. Musically, Trylion combines rhythmic riffs with ambient sounds and heavy, alternating clean vocals. The significant contrast in their songs makes their overall sound diverse, fitting within the realm of progressive metal with a focus on modern playing. The band's themes revolve around life and death, exploring human existence.

In 2023, Trylion won the main prize in a competition organized by the Materiafest festival. This victory led them to perform alongside bands such as Sepultura, Decapitated, and Humanity's Last Breath. In 2024 they won first level of qualification in Poland for playing at Bloodstock in UK. This year they are going to play alive at Metal Mine Festival (PL) and Euroblast (DE).

TRYLION released new song titled "Human Shell" together with videoclip created by band leader Bartosz Stachowiak with fractals CGI done by Julius Horsthuis (Meshuggah, Ayreon). Emil Reitan from Icicle Studios - known for example from the Norwegian band Frostbitt is responsible for the mix and mastering. Vocals and video shots were recorded, among other places, at mollDur in Mosina, and special thanks to Piotr Selke for his support in terms of space and infrastructure.

Single "Human Shell" as well as "Black Clay" are a foretaste of upcoming full album titled "Golden Age" which will out in 2025.

Bartosz comments new song and video: "I tried to reflect the lyrics of the song, but in a different form. We often touch on the theme of internal struggle between good and evil. Because a person can often feel alienated from themselves in many life situations, I decided that these alien structures and characters could be an interesting visualization of the song. We returned to collaboration with Julius Horsthuis, who is still active in fractal animations.

I'll remind you that our song "Point Of View" ( was the first in which we used such animations (it will be 10 years since its premiere in September!) It's worth noting that in the meantime, Julius also produced videos for Meshuggah ( The whole thing was inspired by HR Giger's style, of which I am a fan."

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