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  • Jason Hesley

Polish band CORTEGE will release new album!

CORTEGE was founded in 1996 and it's still activ, excluding a break in 2005-2009. The band has released two full albums: Anachoreo (2012), Touching the Void (2016) and compilation Where the Watchers Are Imprisoned Part I (2017) which consist demos Awareness (2000) and Introduction to the Slaughter of Your Gods (2001).

After almost two years of work in the MAQ Records studio, band prepared material for a new album, which will be titled "Vandari" which musically firmly embedded in the classic and old school death metal. Music was recorded, mixed and mastered at MAQ Records with cooperation of Jarosław Toifl, who was working in the past with bands: Crystal Viper, Darzamat and Infernal War. Cover artwork was done by band drummer - Kamil Szuszkiewicz. After the Norwegian label Whispering Voice Records failed to fulfill its publishing contract, the Silesian band launched cooperation with the underground label ADG Records, which already has several interesting releases in its portfolio, including Denomination, Hexenaltar and Wolfpath. Release date for "Vandari" is scheduled on June 22, 2023. In autumn 2022, the clip for the single "Filth" was released and soon band will present music video for "Purgatory". Below you can check video trailer (link). Full video will appear exclusively at Death Metal Promotion Youtube channel.

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