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  • Jason Hesley

PHANTASMAL ABYSS premieres "Spawn of Lycaon"

“The Spawn of Lycaon” is the savage new single from Oakland, California-based blackened thrash metal crew PHANTASMAL ABYSS.

Born from the simmering cauldron of Oakland, California's death metal scene, PHANTASMAL ABYSS was started by guitarist and front woman Dara Santhai (ex-Serpent Crown, Larvae) and drummer Todd Wilkinson. Pulling from their shared interest in all things extreme metal, they blend a lethal dose of blackened thrash, melodic-death, and the occasional foray into black 'n roll.

Dara Santhai's otherworldly vocals call from the dark like a banshee roaming an abandoned abbey, while Wilkinson’s pummeling beats provide the barbaric foundation for Santhai's brutal riffage and scathing leads.

Far from being a band who sits on their collective asses, PHANTASMAL ABYSS spent the pandemic honing their venomous first strike, the aptly titled “Visions of the Abyss” which features Andrew O’Neil (Mondo Drag) on bass. Engineered, mixed, and mastered by Greg Wilkinson in the legendary Earhammer Studios, “Visions of the Abyss” is six tracks of searing extreme metal inspired by retro horror, chilling Lovecraftian myth, and grisly true crime.

Considering their relatively short time together, PHANTASMAL ABYSS has already shared the stage with some of the underground's leading up and coming bands: Wayfarer, Bewitcher, Nite, Death Cave, and Yatra to name a few, while simultaneously executing their first DIY west coast tour in the spring of 2022.

In 2023 PHANTASMAL ABYSS was joined by Rafael Martinez (Black Cobra, 16, Acid King) on bass as they went on the road to support the physical release of their album “Visions from Abyss”.

The band has recently recorded the single “The Spawn of Lycaon”, which was mostly self recorded, with some help from recording engineer Scot Proctor, and mastered again at Earhammer. This recording captures a more raw and live sound of the band.

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