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  • Jason Hesley

PERISCIANS Release Blistering New Single "Halo"

Updated: Aug 13, 2023

PERISCIANS specializes in creating hard-hitting metalcore, with a wider range of influences injecting more of their personality into the music. The new single "Halo" lands today, following their debut "Blind By Design" released earlier this year, showcasing further the trio's distinctive take on metalcore.

PERISCIANS' formula encompasses a ferocious blend of old-school hardcore punk and the intensity of metal, creating a sonic assault that resonates with fans of extreme music. "Halo" continues this genre-crossing trend fusing heavy rock-esque chord progressions and vocal melodies with intricate technical guitars, harsh vocals and pounding drums. "Halo" is a thrilling track that draws you in. Rhythmic verses deliver a combination of light and dark across the instrumental and vocal parts. When the thundering choruses hit, they unleash a fury of percussion and bass while vocal melodies offer a contrasting mood soaring above.


Based out of Columbus, Ohio, PERISCIANS debuted in April 2023 with their single “Blind By Design”. Their tracks thematically seek to expose corruption and unmasking how the ruling class utilizes manipulation, censorship, and misinformation to shape public perception. Musically, PERISCIANS' sound appeals to fans of GOJIRA, FEAR FACTORY, CURRENTS, and TRIVIUM, to name a few.

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