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  • Jason Hesley

Parody Metallers NANOWAR OF STEEL Reveal New Lyric Video for “Il Signore degli Anelli dello Stadio”!

Have you ever wanted to watch Lord Of The Rings characters play football? Chaotic Italian bunch NANOWAR OF STEEL have made it happen! On their single “Il Signore degli Anelli dello Stadio”, the parody metallers combine their love for the classic J. R. R. Tolkien fantasy with the world’s favorite team sport! NANOWAR OF STEEL on the song: "’Il Signore degli Anelli dello Stadio’ (‘The Lord of the Stadium Rings’) is the first epic-football-metal song ever released (at least by NANOWAR OF STEEL). What would happen if all of a sudden, all the creatures of the Lord Of The Rings had their own football team? And more importantly, which songs would their supporters sing? NANOWAR OF STEEL has got the answer for you!”

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