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PARADISE IN FLAMES Forges Brazilian Folk With Symphonic Black/Death Metal In Music Video “Black Wings” From New Album "Blindness" Out Now!

Since 2003, Brazil’s Paradise In Flames has been shattering boundaries and spreading its identity-filled sound infused with blazing notes of pure hatred to audiences far and wide. Their latest concept album “Blindness” is out now, complemented with a music video for the single “Black Wings”. The single mixes Brazilian folk elements with a direct reference to forró (regional Brazilian musical style). It rescues the pre-epidemic period of history, presenting the protagonist: Black Wings and her life story.

Watch the music video for "Black Wings" at

Coined as extreme philosophical symphonic protester metal, they have been honing their identity since their 2021 album “Act One” and have matured and improved since then, intertwining Brazilian bossa nova, death metal, and black metal.

“Blindness” tells the story of a philosophical work that portrays religion as a psychological illness, illustrating how men become blind in the pursuit of power. Lyrically, the songs revolve around a single plot inspired by the book by Jose Saramago.

The musical structure creates an operatic scenario, where characters interact within a symphonic plot characterized by rapid pace and melodious themes. It is recommended for fans of Satyricon, Dark Funeral, and Batushka.

“This album proved to be the most challenging of our career, as it required a strong correlation between the music and lyrics. The concept was to have one set of lyrics for all 11 tracks, ensuring each song had a logical sequence while collectively creating an engaging atmosphere to captivate the listener. We believe that we successfully achieved our objectives with this album. In the physical CD and LP versions, listeners will be able to enjoy following along with the lyrics in hand, allowing them to seamlessly experience the album’s narrative in its entirety.” adds the band.

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