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  • Jason Hesley

Pagan Metal Warriors Ren Marabou and The Berserkers Unveil "Holy Mountain (Helgafjell)" Lyric Video!

"Holy Mountain (Helgafjell)" is a compelling track extracted from the band's highly anticipated forthcoming album, aptly titled "Holy Mountain." Scheduled for release via Wormholedeath label, this album promises to be an epic saga of musical storytelling.

In this newest offering, Ren Marabou and The Berserkers pay homage to a fallen warrior, laid to rest in the mythical realm of Helgafjell. Through haunting melodies and thunderous rhythms, the band explores themes of reverence, sorrow, and the enduring legacy of valiant souls. Drawing inspiration from Norse mythology, they weave a tapestry of sound that transports listeners to realms where heroes transcend mortality to become eternal legends.

For enthusiasts of mythology and adrenaline-fueled Norse sagas set to the backdrop of thunderous rock-metal symphonies, Ren Marabou and The Berserkers offer an unparalleled musical odyssey.

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