• Jason Hesley

Overchains to release the album "Veil" later this week.

OVERCHAINS were born in 2016 from an idea of Anthony De Francesco, Nicola Baldoni and Matthew Aguy. In 2017 they released the EP "Shattered Dreamers" and they began to work with Soundsrock Agency and have played in many italian venues opening for international bands like Lacuna Coil, Igorrr, Temperance and Thomas Silver (ex-Hardcore Superstar). Their sound has been described as an Alternative metal with gothic atmospheres that mixes modern style riffs and pop-oriented melodies.

"Veil" tracklist:

1. End of my path

2. Radiant moon

3. Another (Don’t save me)

4. Psyche

5. Through emptiness

6. Clockworks

7. Eden

8. Hidden Veil

9. Lancaster

10. Till the end

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