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  • Jason Hesley

Ov Sulfur have unleashed their debut full-length, The Burden Ov Faith!

Ov Sulfur have unleashed their debut full-length, The Burden Ov Faith, via Century Media Records. For a preview of The Burden Ov Faith, check out the video for the album version of "Wide Open" (featuring Howard Jones!), which brought the OG video into the beautifully hellish world of the album cover using AI for a visualizer on steroids:

Guitarist/vocalist Chase Wilson comments: "Having Howard hop on the album version of 'Wide Open' was the best thing that could have happened. We knew we wanted the song on the album, but we also knew it needed new life to live alongside the rest of the songs and not just be tossed on there. It's crazy to us he wanted to work with us - less surprising is the fact he absolutely killed it. We just gave him the song and lyrics, and we let him do his thing. He really pushes the song to another level with both his screaming and singing. What a legend!"

Of the album, vocalist Ricky Hoover comments: "I'm beyond proud of what we've created on 'The Burden Ov Faith'. Who would have thought I would be screaming on new music over a decade after leaving Suffokate - let alone singing?! I legitimately didn't think I was ever coming back to music period when I left back in 2012, so to have an album out on one of the most respected labels in metal is mindblowing. Huge shout out to all my band mates and everyone who worked to create this with us - and everyone who takes time out of their life to listen!"

Purchase and stream The Burden Ov Faith in full now at:

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