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  • Jason Hesley

Out soon: Stagnant Waters - "Rifts"

After over a decade since their groundbreaking debut, Stagnant Waters returns with "Rifts," an album that promises an audacious blend of experimental sounds. This French-Norwegian avant-garde metal trio comprises talents from notable bands, offering a unique mix of electronics, blast beats, and unconventional melodies. "Rifts" invites listeners into a world of dissonance and harmony, a testament to the band's ability to navigate the chaotic realms of music. With a special edition on dirty yellow vinyl, including a CD with an alternative rendition of the album, "Rifts" is a bold statement in the avant-garde metal scene.


  1. Black Fields

  2. Split and Spilt

  3. Gonad Waltz

  4. Crackle

  5. Forced to Go

  6. Rifts

  7. Battle Tactics of General Nonsense

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