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  • Jason Hesley

Out Now! Finnish Fantasy Metal CHAMELION's Debut Album "Legends & Lores"

Creating epic symphonic fantasy power metal combined with classical music, including choir, renaissance, and baroque elements, Finland's CHAMELION's debut album "Legends & Lores" is now available as of December 8th from Rockshots Records.

Over the years they have released a few demos with various lineups. They now have a solid quintet of musicians that features founder keyboardist Marco Sneck, Tomi Viiltola (Vocals), Marco Sneck (Keyboards), Jari Satta (Guitars), Jukka Jokikokko (Bass) and Janne Kusmin (Drums).

"Legends & Lores" was recorded in various studios and mixed by a legendary Tampere-based power metal mixer Jussi Kulomaa. Fans can hit the play button, and close their eyes to dive into a fantasy world where might and magic rule. Featuring 10 songs, including its soundtrack intro "The Conquest", from fast to slow tracks and the epic 10-minute album closer "Glorious Dawn", fans are encouraged to delve into a musical story that begins right from the start until its end. All are flavored with a combination of nice melodies and song structures. Keyboardist and founder Marco Sneck adds.

"It's is pure Fantasy Metal. The album is meant to be heard from beginning to end, as all the tracks are lyrically entwined into a chronologically advancing story. There are heroes, elves, magical quests, and other fantasy elements to get listeners all inspired! It is 55 minutes of adventurous heavy metal."

Recommended for fans of Rhapsody, Twilight Force, Symphony X, Dragonland, and Gloryhammer, CHAMELION's "Legends & Lores" is available from Rockshots Records at

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