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Out Now: Dussage - Etemmu Pt.1 & 2!

Basic Info

Artist: Dussage

Album: Etemmu Pt.1 & 2

Release Date: March 11th, 2024

Genres: Progressive Improvised Death Metal

Formats: Digital and Cassette

Label: Malevolent Sound

Location: San Diego

Length: Pt1: 41:17, Pt2: 25:25

Price: $3.33 Digital, $6.66 Cassette

Album Credits:

Nicholas Turner - Guitar, bass, mix, master

Jared Moran - Drums, vocals

Recorded live and improvised at The Tomb

Pt.1 Recorded December 2021

Pt.2 Recorded December 2022

Art by Randart

Pt.1 Track Listing:

1. Summoning Grotesque (07:11)

2. Sha Etemmu (07:52)

3. Prayers Of Judgement (07:01)

4. Black Hembane (07:47)

5. Abomination Unto Lord (11:25)

Pt.2 Track Listing:

1. Radiant Animated Bodies (14:44)

2. Philosophy Grimoire (10:41)

Message From the Label:

A horrific foray into ancient beliefs, wartime massacres, and primal thoughtforms, this not an album but a conjuration of bestial madness. Frothing at the mouths, Dussage delivers the purest and most unfiltered channeling of death metal hatred, straight from the bowels of the collective unconscious. Recorded in a single session December 2022 and worked on with additional guitar and bass layers, this is free from thought, free from judgement, and free from all twists of thoughts that hold us back from greatness.

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