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  • Jason Hesley

Out Now: Corpse Arise present Spite and Kill!

An unhinged offering of furious and filthy Southern deathgrind.

12 tracks of unbridled primitive aggression and auditory carnage.

Featuring Justin Vølus and Jared Moran of Psionic Madness, Out of the Mouth of Graves, Vølus and Acausal Intrusion among other projects.

Out now on Vargheist Records!

Track Listing:

1. True Native of Hell (01:25)

2. Vampiric Regicide (02:26)

3.Spite and Kill (02:23)

4.Precursor Dread (02:18)

5. Relentless Thirst and Greater Suffering (03:14)

6. Ghastly Domain (02:09)

7. Under the Flight of Monstrosity (01:43)

8. City of Coffins (Scourge of God) 02:43

9. Forbidden Bloodlines (03:12)

10. Heretic Excommunicated (02:04)

11. Storm Blast Imperator (02:26)

12. Superior to Humanity (02:19)

Message From the Label:

Feral Death Grind from the South. Featuring Justin Vølus on Vocals and Jared Moran on Drums, Guitar and Bass. Available on CD format and Digital, releases December 16th, 2023 via Vargheist Records.

Vargheist Records

About the Album

Corpe Arise sees Justin Vølus and Jared Moran of Psionic Madness, Out of the Mouth of Graves, Vølus and Acausal Intrusion among other projects come together once again. This time the duo remove all of the progressive and atmospheric elements from their work to give us something that's as raw and primitive as it is aggressive. This is straight up, no frills deathgrind that is ready to smack the listener around for 30 minutes straight. Prepare for both deeply guttural and raw biting vocals, paired with wild guitar work and insane unrelenting drums. If you're looking for something that really packs a punch, then look no further than this project's explosive debut.

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