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  • Jason Hesley

OUT FRIDAY- "Rough and Tumble" by ScarlataMusic!

A combination of intricate riffs and melodic metal styles, combined with the thrill and impact of punk, is the offering from SCARLATAMUSIC. The new EP Rough and Tumble will be released on November 10th, 2023.

John Scarlata comments:

"Rough and Tumble represents a do or do not mentality, so no matter what....must move forward."

Rough and Tumble kicks off with the rhythmically driven "Determination". Leaning into SCARLATAMUSIC's melodic metal side, this opening track holds nothing back with technical guitars materializing left, right and center. "Pressure Cooker" brings a fury of fast-paced guitars, building anticipation with unceasing riffs. The EP's title track showcases an intriguing diversity of styles with high-octane rhythms, catchy melodic hooks interspersed throughout and thundering percussion running beneath.

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