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  • Jason Hesley

OUR DYING WORLD release video for “The Egregious Sins Of Humanity”

Los Angeles’ Our Dying World is geared up to unleash a furious new single “The Egregious Sins Of Humanity”, which comes on the heels of two punishing records “Hymns Of Blinding Darkness” (2022) and “Expedition” (2019). Initially, they focused on the death and thrash metal subgenres but are now moving into the cinematic and symphonic realms. With this new offering, they are looking to give the audience a bridge between the fast and insane side of metal, to the clever and meticulously crafted end of the classical and orchestral spectrum. This new single is deadly fast, with drums clocking in at 225 BPM and the guitars falling in line culminating in a dark sound that will catch the ears of discerning metalheads everywhere. The band comments:

“We’re taking what so many icons have given us through the generations and we’re doing our best to blend them in a tasteful and fun way that inspires and creates that feeling that raises the hair on your arms. We think the fans are going to enjoy the change in sound. We’ve always strived to take our sound to the next level and with the amount of diversity between the full band versions of the single and the orchestral version, there truly is something for everyone to enjoy.”

“The Egregious Sins Of Humanity” marks the next phase in the band’s development. It shows another level of musical maturity and has pushed each member to create more sophisticated parts and make them work together. Those who are drawn into what Our Dying World has created won’t have long to wait for more intense melodic death metal as the band has two more singles in production.

The band all love dark, melodic death metal, and most of them enjoy the symphonic black metal that they’re slowly creeping towards. There’s a bit of thrash and deathcore in some of the riffs they create, but they love the moody, melodic, and symphonic elements that stay with some of the most dramatic styles in metal. Their music is recommended for fans of Dimmu Borgir, Cradle Of Filth, and Children Of Bodom.

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