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  • Jason Hesley

OUR DYING WORLD Posts Behind The Band Doc On Making of New Album “Hymns Of Blinding Darkness”

Our Dying World recently unleashed their new album “Hymns of Blinding Darkness” on June 24th. The record was forged during time off during the Covid pandemic. Initially, a band that was more in the vein of thrashy death, this new record embraces the melodic side of things and presents the band's new form to the world.

They explain further:

On July 9th, Our Dying World hosted their album release show in Santa Ana, CA and captured live shots along with behind the scenes-from the performance plus did a Q & A with band members to give fans more insight behind the band's songwriting.

Drummer Tommy Tierney explains:

"The band wanted to do something special, showcasing clips of our live release show and we decided to put together a little getting-to-know-you video introducing the guys behind the sound. We wanted to give a little history, some personal details, and talk about what's on the chopping block next for us. Hymns Of Blinding Darkness has put our hat in the metal ring and we wanted to make sure we gave ourselves the opportunity to talk about what brought the six members to this point that we're at now.

We'd like to thank Andrew Goldfarb and Jamie Kaufman for shooting, recording, and editing such a stellar video and documentary for us, Gina Vertucci and Stages in Santa Ana, House Of Metal, Vera Leigh, and all the bands that shared the night of our release show with us; Consciously Dying, Anubis, Disrupted Euphoria, Hvile I Kaos, and Mythraeum. To all the new friends and fans we've reached over the course of the last record, thank you for the overwhelming support and friendship you've shared with us since the release! We can't wait for the next one!"

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