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  • Jason Hesley

ORCumentary release self-titled album!

ORCumentary was spawned back in 2006 from the mind of keyboardist/vocalist/songwriter Orc Adams as a merger of his love of European-style heavy and melodic metal, storytelling, and Lord of the Rings (and other fantasy films/books). Its trademark “Orc Metal” sound is a conglomeration of Gwar and Dethklok-like attitude, fantasy-inspired (and often tongue-in-cheek) lyrics, and songwriting heavily influenced by some of Scandinavia's best (Amorphis and Dark Tranquillity, among others).

ORCumentary has self-released 4 albums and an EP and performed hundreds of unforgettable live shows as a solo act. He has achieved viral acclaim across the internet; everywhere from Loudwire to Metal Injection , in particular for a hilarious set at a Hot Topic and then again when he provided an Orc Metal livestream alternative to 2019's much-maligned Maroon 5 Super Bowl halftime show.

Fresh off a highly successful symphonic experimental album ("Fully ORChestrated"), ORCumentary’s Self-Titled EP marks the triumphant return to the unassailable ORC Metal sound, and looks to both the past and future.

The next chapter in ORCumentary’s epic quest is the most exciting yet. "ORCumentary" features a brand new, self-titled song, which includes everything an ORC metal fan craves: infectious keyboard leads, deep growls, and victorious lyrics (that, in this case, give a new beginning to the epic, orc-centered tale that started many years ago). The past is celebrated with re-recordings of 3 classics (Fit of Frenzied Rage, Blood, and The Orc Belated Birthday Song), breathing new life into songs featured on the very first ORCumentary release (Orc Happy Growls and Keyboard Mayhem (2010)). Lastly, the tough old orc taps into his sensitive side with an epic and heartfelt cover of "Into the West" (the Oscar-winning song from Return of the King).

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