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  • Jason Hesley

ORCHID'S CURSE Now Streaming Varied New Melodic Metal EP "The Decay"

Orchid’s Curse formed way back in 2005 with their first release in 2006. 18 years have passed and they have withstood the test of time. Whether persevering through member changes or a pandemic, the band continues to push forward and release new music. “The Decay” is their sixth release and will highlight that the band has no plans to stop creating music any time soon.

Musically, “The Decay” is their most mature work yet, consisting of five songs with a variety of different musical influences but also still having the Orchid’s Curse signature sound. Listeners will experience a two-minute thrash banger, a six-minute melodic epic, and everything in between with lyrics that explore the decline and decay of our modern society. The band shares their excitement:

“We are elated to finally be releasing THE DECAY to the masses. Writing for this album started before the pandemic and we are glad the time to release it is finally here. One positive is that with the shutdowns we had a lot of extra time to spend refining these songs to ensure it was the most mature and competent release to date. With each new album we always try to continue to progress and up the ante musically and artistically. We all feel really confident in these songs and this release as a whole.”

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