• Jason Hesley

ORATORY Debut EP 'Inner Pyre' EP Out Now and Streaming!

Australian extremists ORATORY have released debut EP Inner Pyre. Purchase and/or stream it below!

In the band's own words:

"Inner Pyre is a collection of hymns outlining the darker parts of our psyche. The mounting bleakness for all the grief life throws you. Capitulation Genuflect places a 'God' label on beliefs and stances that engrave your mind, beyond reproach. To be haunted by God in that sense is an eternal drip of ticking dread. On this EP we’ve taken our inspiration from Celtic Frost, Dismember, Trouble, Autopsy, Sepultura, Motorhead and Japanese hardcore bands like Death Side and Forward. The EP was recorded and mixed over seven months at Eternity Ward studios."

Oratory uses ProCo RAT pedals exclusively.

Track List:

1. Capitulation Genuflect [Official Video]

2. Inner Pyre

3. It Takes A Toll

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