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  • Jason Hesley

ORANSSI PAZUZU – Release Video For New Single ‘Muuntautuja’!

Four years after their critically acclaimed latest album Mestarin kynsi, Finnish psychedelic metal superconductors ORANSSI PAZUZU have unveiled a music video for their brand new single, 'Muuntautuja'. With influences as diverse as Black Metal, Psychedelia, and Electronic Music, the band creates a sonic convulsing mass that transports listeners to otherworldly realms.

Drawing inspiration from eclectic sources ranging from Death Grips to PortisheadNine Inch Nails (Downward Spiral era), Beherit and My Bloody ValentineORANSSI PAZUZU are a feast for those who dig deep, heavy and strange. With inhuman and biological sound, 'Muuntautuja' is electronically charged, both organic and inorganic in origin.

'Muuntautuja' (which means "shapeshifter") sees the band continuing to push the boundaries of metal music, creating a sound that defies categorization. It's also the first sample of a new ORANSSI PAZUZU album, which is due to be released in autum 2024. More details will follow soon.

ORANSSI PAZUZU commented: "After three years of slow-burn brewing and enlightening space-time experimentation, please welcome Muuntautuja - The Shapeshifter, a new song from our forthcoming album. Let it open your skull towards the void and guide you to the intoxicating state of transformation."


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