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  • Jason Hesley

Ophiolatry drop video for 'Abyss of Alienation'

According to Merriam-Webster, “ophiolatry” means “the worship of or attribution of divine or sacred nature to snakes.” You can certainly feel the snakes of death metal surround you as you listen to “Abyss of Alienation” from Brazil’s Ophiolatry, featuring hypnotic riffs, brutal vocals and crushing rhythms reminiscient of Hate Eternal, Nile and Steve Tucker-era Morbid Angel. The song is a re-recording of a track from the band’s 2008 album, Transmutation.

According to the band:

“Many years ago in the Amazon, there lived a tribe of very warlike indigenous people who practiced Ophiolatry. When the invaders arrived, they brutally tortured and murdered their families, forcing many to witness these horrific acts while bound in front of them. The remaining warriors fought with their utmost inner spirit, not relenting until they spilled their last drops of blood. They died in battle with honor. The indoctrination of Christian religions has led to alienation and subservience. Today, the tide is turning. The serpent spirits of those warriors are reincarnated in a multitude of new warriors who harbor behemothic volumes of anger and revenge. We are ready.

We chose to bring this song to video because we knew it would be highly impactful visually. It identifies the plight of indigenous peoples backed by a track of powerfully complex rhythm, heaviness and speed.”

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