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  • Jason Hesley

Opensight unveil the expanded Director's Cut edition of their acclaimed Mondo Fiction album!

The last album from the UK’s upcoming progressive metal outfit, Opensight was an adventurous, imaginative triumph! Adorned in the sumptuous artwork of Sollo Marcello (Ennio Morricone, Ghost, High On Fire) Mondo Fiction, a thrilling homage to genre cinema and grindhouse films that transported listeners to a world inside the silver screen, was hailed as a masterpiece of creativity right across the metal press; from Powerplay Rock And Metal Magazine to Greek Rebels, Worship Metal to Fear And Loathing Fanzine…they were all in awe of what Opensight had achieved. Now, in keeping with the album’s fascination with film, Opensight are set to release Mondo Fiction: The Director’s Cut – the ultimate, expanded edition of their finest work to date!

The Director’s Cut of Mondo Fiction will feature an array of alternative, instrumental takes on the stunning songs that make up the original album. With some bands, some albums this might offer little additional value – but with Opensight and Mondo Fiction it is a very different story. Each song visits a different fantastical, cinematic world – from the vast deserts of the famous Spaghetti Westerns to the mist wreathed graveyards of Hammer Horror, the lonely alleyways lit by a single streetlamp where spies pass their treasures of information, to the sweat and latent violence of the backstreet biker bars – and it’s the music that enfolds you in these varied worlds, shifting style and vibe to match the lyrical tales. So these new instrumental versions of Mondo Fiction’s sonic stories offer a new and exciting perspective on the scenes created, a view through a different window onto the unfolding scenes, brought vividly to life by the exceptional mix from Will Maya (Breed 77, The Answer, The Heretic Order).

As they build towards the August 25th release of Mondo Fiction: Director’s Cut Opensight will be revealing some stunning new video clips that will add even more colour and vibrancy to their breathtaking illusions. They have also set up the Director’s Cult, a special mailing list which will share the very latest in band news and give subscribers exclusive access to several of the new instrumental tracks prior to release. This summer’s blockbuster is Opensight’s Mondo Fiction: Director’s Cut – an unmissable flight of imagination that’s licensed to kill!

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