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  • Jason Hesley

One-Man Tech-Death Band ASHES OF MOMENTS PERISHED Announce Womb in Black Flame EP!

Milwaukee's ASHES OF MOMENTS PERISHED emerges onto the scene with the release of its debut EP, Womb in Black Flame. This three-song assault of brutal technical death metal was masterminded by guitarist, vocalist, and overall songwriter, Isaac Rice. The track “Dichotomy of Being” is now streaming at Womb in Black Flame will be available on streaming platforms on May 12 Tracklist: 1) Delusions of Wilting Mind 2) Dichotomy of Being 3) Womb in Black Flame Combining pummeling brutality with fast-paced technicality, Isaac set out to make ASHES OF MOMENTS PERISHED his vision of a melting pot of everything extreme and aggressive, yet melodic and memorable. On his forthcoming EP entitled Womb in Black Flame, Isaac explores the darker side of the human experience, nurturing the soul for horrific eternal damnation in the form of dying and being reborn into an absence of an afterlife, a blackened abyss of absolute deprivation, left to fester for all of eternity.

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