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  • Jason Hesley

On the Verge of New Album, The Devil's Trade Looks Back With One Last Single!

The Devil's Trade is forging a new path. What started ten years ago as a solitary journey between Dávid György Makó and his banjo has grown into something that looks more like a band.

For 'Vid​é​kek Vannak Idebenn', Makó leaned heavier on electronic textures. You could hear the added impact on the album's first single, which is shrouded in synths that shift like smoke over a mountain. But he also brought in his old friend and former bandmate Gáspár Binder, whose dark and stormy drumming sets off the clanging explosions of the title track.

"Clear Like the Wind" is something else. While it's still shadowed by ghostly synth glows, the stripped-down production harkens back to the very first Devil's Trade album. It's so quiet that you can hear Makó's right hand sliding up and down his guitar, repeating a simple but haunted melody, perhaps as a way to revisit this moment of regret.

'Vid​é​kek Vannak Idebenn' came at a strange time for Makó. He could see that one period of his life was ending but couldn't quite tell when the next one would start. Instead, he found himself in a paraylzed state, floating somewhere between the past and present. "Clear Like the Wind" is about reaching out for help, but the lyrics could be addressed to Makó's younger self.

"Why can't we stay still?" he asks, his voice burly and weathered as a fallen oak branch. "Give me your hand before you leave".

"This one comes from a very weird place",Makó says about the new single. "When you're proper depressed, you don't even think of being depressed. You are just sitting in an empty place alone, being not able to let in anything that could help. You don't even create from this darkness. You are unable to express anything. I had been there and when you are able to make a sound, it is when you are slowly getting out of that place, even if only for a few minutes. This song comes from these minutes when I was able to realize my life had fallen to pieces. I am still unable to stand up and I let the only one who could have helped me leave."

'Vid​é​kek Vannak Idebenn' is out July 14. Pre-save it HERE and pre-order it HERE.

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