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  • Jason Hesley

Okular - Norwegian Progressive Death-Metal Outfit Announce New Album "Regenerate"

Norwegian death-metal outfit Okular are set to deliver their long-awaited third full-length album “Regenerate” on June 7th. 

This new effort brings a halt to an eleven-year hiatus, being the first full-length release from the band since their 2013’s second album “Sexforce” and it's safe to say that the wait has been well worth it. 

The band had this to say about the new track: “The music was written with the intent of making something completely wild and chaotic, yet still catchy and melodic. The lyrics address the unnecessary and destructive polarization in human society, acknowledging that this tendency exists within each of us, and that we have a choice of waking up from our own unconsciousness.”

Formed in 2009 by composer, lyricist and backing vocalist Andreas Aubert, who writes all the material in Guitar Pro, Okular have released two full-length albums to wide-spread critical acclaim. “Probiotic” in 2011, which Øystein G. Brun from Borknagar called a “mandatory listen” and was elected album of the month in Norway’s Scream Magazine. The album featured Yngve Bolt Christiansen (Blood Red Throne vocalist 2012–2023) as co-vocalist. On the sophomore album “Sexforce” (2013), guest vocals were provided by Vintersorg (Borknagar vocalist 2000–2019) on the track “The Greatest Offender”. 

In addition to the band's expected prog death metal mastery, “Regenerate” sees Okular recapturing that Scandinavian melodic approach present on their first album “Probiotic”, merged with the groove and sporadic dissonance that characterised “Sexforce”. Pre-orders will be announced soon. 

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