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  • Jason Hesley

OF THE MUSES: emotions from the new album!

We left off some time ago with the great public and critical success of "Senhal", the debut album by OF THE MUSES, project headed by Cristina Rombi. Now, after months in which the compositional aspect has never stopped, Cristina has sent me the pre-productions of what will be the successor to "Senhal", the project's debut.

The impact was incredible, absolutely devastating emotionally.

In those minutes of listening I strongly felt the essence and power of what was expressed in these new songs and I am really happy to publish this new work soon.

Here's a little preview of what will be the successor to "Senhal" by Cristina's words: "Hi, the pre-production stage of OF THE MUSES' second album is complete.

It sounds nothing like its predecessor (no screams, no blastbeats, no metal whotsoever) but it represents perfectly and in every way the album that I needed at this precise moment and that I absolutely wanted to make.

I quite literally put everything I have into these songs. Materially, spiritually, emotionally. It was sometimes painful to create them, but it seemed like a profoundly necessary effort and so I did it with the utmost dedication. In this I have to thank Déhà enormously who stepped in as producer and engineer among many other things. I couldn't have done this without him.

Perhaps, for the first time in my life, I am deeply, wholeheartedly proud of something I have created and I am incredibly eager to share it with all of you.

I can't say much more yet, but the album is scheduled for release next spring (my favorite season), via My Kingdom Music. It seems that this time there might also be a vinyl version, who knows... I really hope so!!!

More updates in due course".

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