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OCEANS - announce Charity Live Stream including an acoustic performance of the upcoming EP!

Today, German metallers OCEANS haveannounced a special live stream that - just like their new EP „We Are Nøt Okay“, that will be released on April 30th - focuses on various topics surrounding metal health. For this stream, the band team up with famous moderator and YouTuber Alex Prinz aka. Der Dunkle Parabelritter as their host and special guests Andy Dörner (CALIBAN), Lena Scissorhands (INFECTED RAIN) and Christoph Wieczorek (ANNISOKAY), who were all involved as guest-singers on the upcoming EP.

The stream will start on May 2nd, 20:00 CEST on the Twitch channel Der Dunkle Parabelritter. During the stream, fans will have the chance to communicate directly with the band via a chat, ask their most burning questions relating to mental health or share their own experiences. All donations made during the event will go to the German NPO The Ocean In Your Mind, who will also participate in the stream and whose work is dedicated to those who struggle with their mental health.

During this special occasion, OCEANS will also be playing exclusive acoustic versions of the songs from "We Are Nøt Okay“ and reveal more details about the upcoming release.

So don't miss it and join the band at:

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