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  • Jason Hesley

Occult Kenji to release Eis Mnemen

Occult Kenji is a heavy metal band based in Limassol, Cyprus. Fronted by composer/writer Marios Michaelides of MethysOs, the band's music is inspired by history and folklore. In 2018, and following MethysOs entering a short hiatus, Marios formed Occult Kenji, to continue with the release of new material. At the end of 2022, "Drunkard Chronicles" was released. Just a short year later, the band is back with a new release titled "Eis Mnemen- Εις Μνήμην" due out on Oct 20, 2023. The title translates to “In Memory”, and is a concept album which takes the listener back to the Byzantine Empire and the Fall of Constantinople. Eis Mnemen, includes a track in Medieval Greek, with the lyrics taken from the epic poem of Digenes Akritas. The album cover is a picture of a floor mosaic, found in the 3 rd century Monastery of the Holy Cross, in Omodos.

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