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  • Jason Hesley

OBSIDIOUS Shares Drum Play-Through for "Iconic"

Drummer Sebastian Lanser of modern progressive metal band OBSIDIOUS is now releasing a drum playthrough for the band's latest single, "Iconic!" The track is taken from the band’s upcoming debut album, which will be released via the label in 2022 via Season of Mist. Watch the clip at THIS LOCATION. OBSIDIOUS drummer Sebastian Lanser comments: "'Iconic' was the first song we wrote as Obsidious, which also became our first released single. It’s a quite challenging and complex song that involves polymeters, n-tuplet phrasing, multiple meter and tempo changes - which are metric modulations in our case because everything is mathematically related. It’s almost equally complex in rhythmical and technical terms. That being said, it took me quite a bit to master but I love it and I am very proud of it." The original song and video for "Iconic" can be found HERE.

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