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  • Jason Hesley


PROG Magazine is now premiering OBSIDIAN KINGDOM’s full album ‘MEAT MACHINE’, in advance of the release date! The experimental Barcelonian outfit will release their guttiest work to date on September 25, 2020. The album can still be ordered HERE.

The band comment: “The moment of truth has come! We wrote ‘MEAT MACHINE’ to find something within ourselves, but we did it for you. Not because we wanted to show you our insides, but rather to encourage you to undertake the same adventure. It is violent and disturbing, like cutting open a living thing; and also messy and painful, because we had to make up our surgical tools on the go. The results of the autopsy are thrilling, baffling and somewhat beautiful. Putting this together took a great deal of effort and suffering, and our trip wasn’t always funny. But we believe it was worth it, regardless of the outcome. So did we lose the plot, or have we discovered something new and exciting? Ride the machine and find out! ”

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