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Obrij release "The pendulum changes its vector" single!

We are fans of extreme guitar music of the 90-s, from European death metal in vein of Bolt Thrower or Morgoth, to rap-metal bands like Biohazard, Stuck Mojo, Downset, and all the music you could see on the MTV's Headbangers Ball back in the day. In this song we tried to recreate the vibe of the classical bands of the 90-s.

We invited to participate in the making of this track. Kulya is a prominent member of the Ukrainian underground hip-hop scene. For more than 10 years he represents in Ukraine the classical sound of the genre. His contribution added so much to the song.

The lyrics are inspired by the latest events in Belarus, where people continues to struggle against the regime of Alexandr Lukashenko, not giving up and resisting the pressure of the illegitimate autocrate's repressive machine.

"The pendulum changes its vector" is the first of two collaboration tracks which were planned for the end of 2020 - the beginning of 2021.

Recording/mastering - Olexij Kazantsev

Cover art - Yaroslav Grob

Obrij is a death metal band from Uzhhorod, Ukraine, formed in 2013. The sound of Obrij was influenced by bands like Bolt Thrower, Morgoth, Asphyx, Mangled Torsos, Gorefest e.t.c.

So far the band released two EPs: "The Altar of Utopia" (2016) and "In severe stranglehold" (2019), and two videos: "Beyond the horizon" and "Ad Civitas Solis".

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