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  • Jason Hesley

NYC Melodic Thrash/Death Metal Project LEGIONARY To Release 'Prison Realm' EP in June!

Bronx-based, one-man Melodic Death/Thrash Band Legionary will release new EP, Prison Realm, on June 14.

A lyric video for the EP's first single, the title track, is available at:

The single can be accessed on all major digital platforms by visiting the following link:

Legionary main man Frank D'Erasmo issued the following statement about the new EP:

"For years, I’ve been wanting to have a clean singer on a Legionary record. As my melodies continued to get better, it just seemed like the next logical progression for me to take. I did everything else that I wanted to musically (write an 11-minute epic, write multiple brutal/epic EPs), so it just seemed like the right time. This new EP features Chris Clancy, vocalist of Mutiny Within, so fans of his work should love this EP. The first three tracks are brand new and mix the past brutal elements of Legionary with a new proggy feel, as well as the clean vocals. The melodies on this EP are my strongest yet, and I truly believe people will find that these tracks have a lot of replay value! The final track is a remake of an old Legionary song (the title track from our one and only album, Arcane Divisions). The original recording was less than stellar, but we always loved the track, so re-recording it felt like a great idea. This EP blends the new with the old!" - Frank D'Erasmo


Track Listing:

1. Question Everything

2. Prison Realm

3. Neuroweaponry

4. Arcane Divisions (Remake)

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