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  • Jason Hesley

NUCLEAR BLAST - launches collaboration with The Sandbox for unique virtual world experience!

2024, January 22nd: The new year starts with a blast for all metalheads, tech nerds and everyone yearning to dive headfirst into 2024 with a virtual adventure: today, Nuclear Blast Records is thrilled to announce an exciting collaboration with The Sandbox.

Both die-hards and newcomers are invited to embark on a journey into a virtual world dedicated to metal culture and gaming: Blast Valley. This land hosted within The Sandbox is the ultimate realm for metalheads, including a giant scene at the heart of a volcano, a vinyl factory, secret crypts and (of course) a bar.Players from all around the world are invited to unite and participate in the most important quest of their lives: to revive the power of metal within Blast Valley. Guided by the keeper of the land and guardian of the metal spirit, "The Reaper", the main quest, once accepted, is to explore every corner of the land to complete a series of tasks to bring the metal energy back.

Following its launch today, Blast Valley will evolve through time and welcome in new events such as virtual gigs, avatar collection launch and release parties. You can access the experience HERE.

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