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  • Jason Hesley

NOVERIA release the single “Overlord” from album “The Gates of the Underworld”

Progressive metal band Noveria was formed in 2014 by guitarist Francesco Mattei.

Noveria’s goal is to create a complete headbanging experience with a melodic twist, combining massive and heavy riffs with dark atmospheric keyboards along with techincally challenging solo sections and memorable vocal lines. Our main sources of inspiration come from genres like Symphonic, Industrial, Death and Black Metal.

THE BAND: Francesco Corigliano: Vocals, Francesco Mattei: Guitars, Julien Spreutels: Keyboards, Andrea Arcangeli: Bass, Davide Calabretta: Drums

On August 2023, they released their fourth full-length album entitled “The Gates of the Underworld” by Scarlet Records. A 10-track bombastic sonic adventure, taking their musical craftsmanship to a whole new dimension with cinematic orchestrations and experimental instruments adding to the rock-solid rhythm section, break-neck speed solos and soaring vocal melodies. All of this combined with a newfound dynamic aspect in the compositions which adds to the emotional impact of the songs.

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