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  • Jason Hesley

Nothing Is Real to release "Acts Of Despair And Faith"

Track Listing:

1. Daisy

2. Block The Light

3. We've All Lived Bad Lives

4. Split

5. Individuation

6. Faith

Message From the Artist:

The most biblical, deep reaching, and monolithic work of Nothing Is Real to date, this album chronicles humanity's endless capacity for cruelty, cowardice, and fear, as well as humanity's endless capacity for love, understanding, and evolution. This album shows the journey from one living in the darkest depths to one transcending the fears and trappings of their mind into a new incarnation. Any given day and moment we all have the capacity for horrid selfishness, demonic cruelty, and endless indifference, or the capacity for endless selflessness, love, and understanding. The choice is ours, and the only way to see the answer is to remember:


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