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  • Jason Hesley

Norwegian Black Psych Metal Force Furze Unleashes Eighth Album, “Caw Entrance”

Norwegian black psych metal act Furze and the sole member behind the project, Woe J. Reaper, unleash Furze’s eighth album, “Caw Entrance”. Under license to Devoted Art Propaganda, “Caw Entrance” is out now  in CD, LP, cassette and digital formats. The release is accompanied by a new T-shirt design.


Stream the album: Bandcamp | Spotify and all other streaming platformsOrders for the physical release can still be placed now via Devoted Art Propaganda and Furze’s Bandcamp and Polytriad Fingerprints

"Caw Entrance" marks Furze's eighth studio album and a continuation of the signature "Furze penetration" — a relentless assault of black metal fury intertwined with psychedelic exploration.  Woe J. Reaper, the band's mastermind, delivers his trademark shrieking vocals, weaving blasphemous poetry into a tapestry of sonic chaos.

"Caw Entrance" demands an immersive listening experience. Woe J. Reaper himself recommends diving into the album with a good pair of headphones, emphasising the intricate details woven into the left and right channels.

Previously Furze released the tracks “Post Mortem Trippin’” and “Foresee His Infernal Rites” which are a part of “Caw Entrance”.

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