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NORWALD Embrace the Enigma - "The Madness of the King - Medieval Sessions"

Spanish Power Metal band NORWALD Embrace the Enigma - "The Madness of the King - Medieval Sessions" Acoustic Version Chronicles Thostar's Astonishing Odyssey with SODEH Records.

The Madness of the King tells the story of Thostar, whose life and death were lead by his crazy acts as a young king. This acoustic version takes the essential parts of the song to show the skeleton of this interesting composition as the minimum expression of itself.

NORWALD's "Medieval Sessions" provides a deeper glimpse into the essence of Norwald's project. Rooted in the world of the same name, this endeavor offers countless unique experiences within the realms of Norwald. One such endeavor is the "Medieval Sessions," where selected songs from "Madness & Heroes" are stripped down, revealing their core essence and enabling a broader range of listeners to immerse themselves in the world of Norwald.

The live recording showcases four songs from "Madness & Heroes," namely "Prologue - Kajtar's Fate" intertwined with "Creatures," "The Madness of the King," and "Epilogue - Rak, Rak." These renditions of the songs provide Norwald with an opportunity to present a distinct kind of concert. For instance, during Patri Grief's inaugural book presentation, four out of the six members performed an exclusive acoustic version of "Arden," an unreleased bonus tale featured in her first book, "The Legend of the Frosty Treasure" (translated from Spanish as "La Leyenda del Tesoro Escarchado").


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